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  • Advanced Priming with ZYP

    Project Sheet: Advanced Priming with ZYP

    ZYP (Formerly MR-97) is a boron nitride (“BN”) spray that is an alternative to traditional primers. It results in superior castings, virtually no spurs or sharp edges, and a beautiful, shiny surface. This video has additional information.

  • Priming with ZYP BN Lubricoat

    Video: Priming with ZYP BN Lubricoat

    This is a very interesting Video on how to use ZYP BN Lubricoat, formerly MR-97. For more information, make sure that you checkout the ZYP project sheet.

  • Wafer-Thin Firing

    Video: Wafer-Thin Firing

    Use this technique to create increadable realist and delicate castings for display.

  • Wafer-Thin Firing

    Project Sheet: Wafer-Thin Firing

    Create extremely thin and delicate art pieces by casting powdered glass at extremely low temperatures.

  • Tricks of the Trade

    Project Sheet: Tricks of the Trade

    10 Tips and ideas for using Colour de Verre molds.

  • The Feather

    Project Sheet: The Feather

    Create feathers that are as fanciful or realistic as you like with Colour de Verre’s Feather design. Once feathers are cast, they can be slumped into amazing decorative or functional pieces.

  • Vintage Ornaments

    Project Sheet: Vintage Ornaments

    Create your own keepsakes with our Vintage Ornaments design. They also make perfect holiday gifts.

  • Making Monstera Leaves

    Video: Making Monstera Leaves

    This video shows how to prime, fill, and fire our Monstera Leaf design. Then the cast leaves are slumped into bowls and platters.

  • Slab Server

    Project Sheet: Slab Server

    The Slab Server design is a perfect format in which to experiment with billets, reactive glass, kiln carving, and powder printing. The integrated feet makes for elegant results.

  • The Cloud Forest Magnolia

    Project Sheet: The Cloud Forest Magnolia

    Create striking functional pieces with this design or cast them wafer-thin to create spectacular art pieces.

  • Wings and Cherub

    Project Sheet: Wings and Cherub

    Create classic, Italianate-inspired compositions with our Wings design and our Cherub design.

  • Fluted Heart

    Project Sheet: Fluted Heart

    Create a sweet ornament for a loved one or friend, or a keepsake frame for a special image

  • Open Hands

    Project Sheet: Open Hands

    Create these classic pieces, perfect for holding keepsakes, with only two firings. A great project for beginners or for craft fairs.

  • Fill Weights at a Glance

    Project Sheet: Fill Weights at a Glance

    Print out this handy reference and keep it in your studio. It lists every Colour de Verre mold with its fill weight.

  • Priming with Hotline Primo Primer

    Video: Priming with Hotline Primo Primer

    Learn how to prime Colour de Verre's reusable glass casting molds with Hotline Primo Primer.

  • Buddha Faces

    Project Sheet: Buddha Faces

    Our Buddha Faces are serene and contemplated images that seem to radiate calm. They are easy to make and our mold makes them two at a time.

  • Bamboo

    Project Sheet: Bamboo

    With only two firings you can create striking platters and plates with our Bamboo design.

  • Skulls!

    Project Sheet: Skulls!

    Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates, and candle holders. Or, let them stand alone as jewelry, objets d’art, or “worry stones”. 

  • Flaming Hearts

    Project Sheet: Flaming Hearts

    Our Flaming Hearts stand alone as objet d'art or can be used to embellish all sorts of larger projects

  • Snowflakes

    Project Sheet: Snowflakes

    Our Snowflakes ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16 and ’17 molds produce light and delicate snowflakes that celebrate the austere beauty of winter. They can be hung most anywhere and make the perfect “little gift” for friends and coworkers. If you want, you can tack fuse them to holiday plates and platters.

  • Large Round Box

    Project Sheet: Large Round Box

    The Large Round Box design has quite a bit more room inside for treasures and trickets. Special instructions on how to use sheet glass included.

  • Sea Horse & Shell Dish

    Project Sheet: Sea Horse & Shell Dish

    Brilliant results in just one firing. Perfect on the vanity for soap, or on the dresser for change, rings, or jewelry.

  • Large Round Box w/ Art Glass

    Video: Large Round Box w/ Art Glass

    Learn how to prime, fill, and fire Colour de Verre Large Round Box mold.

  • Monstera Leaf

    Project Sheet: Monstera Leaf

    Visit any tropical local and you will see monstera plants climbing up the trees. Our molds makes a huge leaf that can be slumped into bowls or platters, or mounted for wall art.

  • Napkin Rings

    Project Sheet: Napkin Rings

    Fill our napkin rings with any color frit to match your, your friends', or your customers' decor. Embellish with decals, enamels, frit balls, or cast elements.

  • Holiday Stars

    Project Sheet: Holiday Stars

    Perfect way to brighten winter days. They also make perfect gifts.

  • Big Skull

    Project Sheet: Big Skull

    Produce either edgy or classic pieces with our Big Skull design. It is a great way to learn about using glass billets.

  • Holiday Silhouettes

    Project Sheet: Holiday Silhouettes

    Create festive decorations for windows, Christmas trees, or your office cubicle with our Holiday Silhouette designs. Easy project that requires only one firing.

  • Leaf Ikebana Vases

    Project Sheet: Leaf Ikebana Vases

    Simple, but quintessential, ikebana vases can be created with Colour de Verre’s Kiwi Leaf, Northwoods Maple Leaf, Rain Forest Leaf, Tropical Leaves, and Lilly Pad designs.

  • Making Colour de Verre Snowflakes

    Video: Making Colour de Verre Snowflakes

    Learn how to make Colour de Verre Snowflakes. Snowflakes are an easy project and only require one firing.

  • Icicles

    Project Sheet: Icicles

    Easy-to-make and fun to give, these icicles are great holiday decorations on trees and in windows.

  • Filling and Firing Pattern Fusers

    Video: Filling and Firing Pattern Fusers

    This video shows how to prime, fill, and fire Colour de Verre's Pattern Fusers.

  • Cabbage Leaf

    Project Sheet: Cabbage Leaf

    Craft whimsical plates reminiscent of antique majolica ware with this wonderful design or, if you are ambitious, create impressive platters, bowls, or wall art.

  • Northwoods Maple Leaf

    Project Sheet: Northwoods Maple Leaf

    Create an autumn leaf by filling the mold with mixtures of red, oranges, and yellows or a spring version with greens. Flip the mold to discover a custom slumping surface that changes the cast leaf into a perfect plate.

  • Making Nano Drops

    Project Sheet: Making Nano Drops

    Nano Drop are an exciting companion to our Nano Bead design. The Nano Drop design lends itself to many possibilities

  • Round Votive

    Project Sheet: Round Votive

    These molds fit into small, tabletop kilns.  The wonderful results and easy-to-follow instructions make this mold perfect for both beginners and experience artists.

  • Creating Round Votives

    Video: Creating Round Votives

    Watch this video in which two different Round Votives are created. Make sure to download the Round Votive project sheet, too.

  • Oval Votive

    Project Sheet: Oval Votive

    Oval Votives are easy to make and perfect for gifts. The Oval Votive’s larger surface provides the artist with ample room to compose their own design.

  • Tips for Thin Casting with Schedules

    Project Sheet: Tips for Thin Casting with Schedules

    As people become more experienced with our molds, they often start wanting thinner and more delicate castings. Hints, advice, and firing schedules to achieve that goal.

  • Gem Top Tea Lights

    Project Sheet: Gem Top Tea Lights

    Medium mesh frit is "sugar fired" to the tops of our 3" Square Candle Holders. It is a simple technique with impressive results.

  • Buddha Faces With Dichroic

    Video: Buddha Faces With Dichroic

    Learn how to cast our Buddha Faces and then back the casting with dichroic sheet glass to product faces that almost glow.

  • Simple Round/Small Ring Beads

    Project Sheet: Simple Round/Small Ring Beads

    Make an enormous variety of round beads with our Simple Round Beads and Small Ring Beads molds and create jewelry that ranges from simple and understated to elegant.

  • Box Basics

    Project Sheet: Box Basics

    This project sheet provides the reader with all the basics – fill weights, schedules, and techniques – for using Colour de Verre’s box base and lid casting molds.

  • Making Beads with Colour de Verre Molds

    Video: Making Beads with Colour de Verre Molds

    Make simple to elegant contemporary jewelry with Colour de Verre's Simple Round Beads mold. This video shows how the prepare, fill, and fire this mold and includes images of finished pieces.

  • Candle Holder Basics

    Project Sheet: Candle Holder Basics

    Colour de Verre’s cast candle holders are easy to make and – plain or fancy – are always a welcome gift.

  • Rain Forest Leaves

    Project Sheet: Rain Forest Leaves

    Cast beautiful leaves on one side of these molds and then create perfect dessert and hors d’oeuvres plates with the integrated slumping surface on the molds’ reverse side. Tack fuse multiple leaves together for dramatic platters and wall sculptures.

  • Aralia Leaf, Basic Firing Instructions

    Project Sheet: Aralia Leaf, Basic Firing Instructions

    The large leaf cast in Colour de Verre’s Aralia Leaf mold can be can be left flat; slumped individually into a small plate or bowl; or grouped with multiple Aralia Leaf castings to form large, dramatic decorative platters and bowls.

  • Tribal/Geometric Beads

    Project Sheet: Tribal/Geometric Beads

    Our Tribal Beads are a stylized version of an ancient design. Our Geometric Beads are a very contemporary design. Both are easy-to-make and make great gifts.

  • Beads as Embellishments

    Project Sheet: Beads as Embellishments

    Our bead designs not only make exquisite jewelry, they can be used to create contemporary embellishments for plates, platters, bowls, and larger work.

  • Making a Cabbage Leaf

    Video: Making a Cabbage Leaf

    See how to make a realistic Cabbage Leaf - step by step.

  • Kiwi Leaf Molds

    Project Sheet: Kiwi Leaf Molds

    Colour de Verre’s Kiwi Leaf has a bonus: On the mold’s reverse side there is a slumping surface on which cast leaves can be turned into perfect salad plates.

  • Fill and Fire a Dragonfly

    Project Sheet: Fill and Fire a Dragonfly

    Basic instructions for priming, filling, and firing a Colour de Verre mold.

  • Autumn Leaf Platter

    Project Sheet: Autumn Leaf Platter

    A simple form is embellished with maple and alder leaves in autumn shades of red, orange, and yellow. Makes use of the Colour de Verre Maple Leaf and Leaves (3) molds. No slumping mold is necessary.

  • Oak Leaves and Acorn Plate

    Project Sheet: Oak Leaves and Acorn Plate

    Oak leaves and acorns – the symbols of harvest bounty and the approach of winter – are perfect decorations for the harvest table.

  • Filling and Firing Big Leaf Designs

    Video: Filling and Firing Big Leaf Designs

    This video illustrates how a Colour de Verre Aralia Leaf mold is prepared, filled, and fired. The cast leaf is then slumped into a bowl.

  • Making Pillow Pendants

    Project Sheet: Making Pillow Pendants

    Colour de Verre's Pillow Pendants leave plenty of room for creativity and customization. Resutls can be simple and understated or elegant.

  • Serpentine Basics

    Project Sheet: Serpentine Basics

    Add “wavy” rods, stringers, noodles, and ribbons to your design “vocabulary” with Colour de Verre’s Serpentine Formers.

  • Poppy Plate

    Project Sheet: Poppy Plate

    Rich, red poppies embellish this elegant service plate. The plate itself is made from an understated collage glass that adds complexity and interest to the overall piece.

  • Sea Form Bowl/Amber Platter

    Project Sheet: Sea Form Bowl/Amber Platter

    This project sheet details how to make two very different finished pieces embellished with glass rods shaped using Colour de Verre’s Serpentine Formers.

  • Ginkgo Leaf Platter

    Project Sheet: Ginkgo Leaf Platter

    This low, shallow bowl features our Ginkgo Leaf design. It is a great accent for a dining room table. Learn how to make this in the “Variations” section of this project sheet.

  • Hors d’oeuvre Plates

    Project Sheet: Hors d’oeuvre Plates

    Make these plates for yourself or use as a gift. Take advantage of the amazing array of fusible art glass available.

  • Winter Box

    Project Sheet: Winter Box

    Like most studios, our studio has a box of interesting glass remnants too beautiful to just to toss away. The Winter Box project was inspired by a small rectangle of Uroboros Winter Collage glass left over from a bigger project.

  • Making Small Dragonflies

    Project Sheet: Making Small Dragonflies

    The Small Dragonflies with Wing Slumper mold has been one of most popular design. Why not devote a project sheet just to making, shaping, and tacking these designs.

  • Branches, Pine Cones,  Small Leaves

    Project Sheet: Branches, Pine Cones, Small Leaves

    Instructions and tips for creating thin and delicate castings with these three molds.

  •  Scarab and Ankh Jewelry

    Project Sheet: Scarab and Ankh Jewelry

    Even if you don’t want to make jewelry, the techniques in this project sheet can be used to make beautiful scarabs and ankhs for other purposes, for example, embellishing platters and plates.

  • Creating Frit Paint Chips

    Project Sheet: Creating Frit Paint Chips

    Just like wall paints, glass frit can be mixed to create subtle shades. Use our method to create glass versions of “paint chips.” From these chips you can choose the perfect frit blend for a particular project.

  • Firing Records

    Project Sheet: Firing Records

    These simple forms help record all the significant factors of a kiln firing. Print as many copies as you need.

  • Sea Life Forms using Billets

    Project Sheet: Sea Life Forms using Billets

    This project sheet is really two project sheets in one. It tells how to make beautiful sea forms plus how to cast pieces using billets and “casting rocks”.

  • Autumn Leaves Wreath

    Project Sheet: Autumn Leaves Wreath

    Cast leaves are fused together to form this beautiful table decoration. The wreath can also be hung in window to celebrate the season.

  • How to Make Nano Beads

    Project Sheet: How to Make Nano Beads

    Colour de Verre’s Nano Beads are the smallest members of the Company’s Jewelry product line. They look great paired with other elements of the Jewelry line or mixed with manufactured beads.

  • Bee Pins

    Project Sheet: Bee Pins

    The honey bee, its honey, and its hive are emblems of sweetness, wealth, and eloquence. Use the Colour de Verre Honey Bee mold to create three beautiful pins. Give them to your three favorite people – or maybe two friends and keep one for yourself.

  • Tropical Fish, Sea Horses, Shells

    Project Sheet: Tropical Fish, Sea Horses, Shells

    Complete instructions for casting beautiful elements using our Tropical Fish mold and Sea Horse and Starfish mold. A cooler than usual firing schedule results in delicate, finely-detailed imagery.

  • Sea life Inspired Platter

    Project Sheet: Sea life Inspired Platter

    Use our beach shells, sea horse, and starfish molds to create this great sea life inspired bowl. Even if you don't live at the beach, this bowl looks great in any living or dining room. Match your color choices to your tastes and decor.

  • Autumn Candle Holder

    Project Sheet: Autumn Candle Holder

    Two of these acorn and oak leave embellished candle holders on the mantle or three running down a dining table is a great way to welcome autumn.

  • Elliptical Acorn Box

    Project Sheet: Elliptical Acorn Box

    This oval box is cast in the palest amber and trimmed with smaller castings in the same shade. It is reminiscent of rustic Orna Wood boxes sold at national park gift stores in the 50’s.

  • Peach Blossom Box

    Project Sheet: Peach Blossom Box

    Peach blossoms, branches, and leaf castings are tack fused to the lid of an elliptical box creating a look reminiscent 1920’s European glass. Very pale, translucent colors were chosen as not to distract from the classic design.

  • Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    Project Sheet: Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    This makes a superb centerpiece for a holiday table or festive, winter mantle accent.

  • Cast Shell Box using ZYP

    Project Sheet: Cast Shell Box using ZYP

    This project sheet illustrates how to use ZYP Boron Nitride primer (Formerly MR-97) in conjunction with Color de Verre’s box molds. The ZYP speeds mold priming and clean-up, but a few guidelines should be observed to get optimal results.

  • Four Sweet Heart Boxes

    Project Sheet: Four Sweet Heart Boxes

    Flowers fade and chocolate is too tempting. However, these heart boxes will be a lasting token of love or friendship.

  • Millefiori Boxes

    Project Sheet: Millefiori Boxes

    Millefiori give these sweet, little, glass boxes an old-world charm. The white bases have an interesting color “texture” that doesn’t compete with the millefiori’s subtle colors.

  • Offset Pendants

    Project Sheet: Offset Pendants

    These pendants can be suspended from leather, rubber, silk, or metal cords to create jewelry ranging from simple and casual to dramatic and elegant. They are very easy to make and, because of the molds' engineering, there is almost never any coldwork envolved when MR-97 is used.

  • Summer Sunflower Projects

    Project Sheet: Summer Sunflower Projects

    Create a beautiful Summer Platter or fun garden art with this technique.

  • Round Dichroic Box

    Project Sheet: Round Dichroic Box

    This project uses our Round Box and Lid mold to create a elegant cache perfect for rings and other special mementos.

  • Gift Boxes with CBS Dichroic

    Project Sheet: Gift Boxes with CBS Dichroic

    CBS's Crinklized and Borderline Pattern Dichroic are combined with Colour de Verre's Box Molds to create these very impressive and quite showy boxes. They are perfect gifts.

  • Glasslink Basics

    Project Sheet: Glasslink Basics

    These are the basics techniques used with our Glasslinks molds to creating glass elements. These elements can then be combined to create dramatic jewelry.

  • Lily Pad Coasters

    Project Sheet: Lily Pad Coasters

    Perfect for giving, these coasters are an easy project for people new to glass casting. The result is a perfect gift for friends.

  • Salamander Platter

    Project Sheet: Salamander Platter

    This platter’s amazing surface is created by “flattening” a piece of iridized, herringbone ripple sheet glass. During this process, the beautiful irid colors are preserved but the surface becomes matte.

  • Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Project Sheet: Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Produce small, delicate, but attention grabbing pendants by combining these two designs with dichroic glass flakes. This technique can be used with any of Colour de Verre’s pendant designs.

  • Millefiori and Murrini Pendants

    Project Sheet: Millefiori and Murrini Pendants

    Create beautiful, old-world or hip, modern designs by combining millefiori, murrini, and Colour de Verre pendant molds. 

  • Pattern Fuser Basics

    Project Sheet: Pattern Fuser Basics

    Create functional pieces like platters or plates or decorative  wall art using Colour de Verre’s Pattern Fusers. Combinations of frit and sheet glass create almost endless possibilities.

  • Pattern Fuser as Window Art

    Project Sheet: Pattern Fuser as Window Art

    Learn how to create a leaded glass effect using Colour de Verre's Pattern Fusers. Make both wonderful window art and vessels from the resulting panels.

  • Pillow Pendants with Dichroic Glass

    Project Sheet: Pillow Pendants with Dichroic Glass

    Create beautiful dichroic pendants and stunning beads by combining CBS Coating by Sandberg patterned sheets with Colour de Verre’s Pillow Pendant molds.

  • Cutting Billets

    Video: Cutting Billets

    Billets are large blocks of glass that produce bubble-free castings. Learn how to cut billets in this video.

  • Aralia Leaf Lamp

    Project Sheet: Aralia Leaf Lamp

    The warm light this lamp emits is a welcome addition to almost any living space.

  • Round Frit Panel

    Project Sheet: Round Frit Panel

    This project sheet is from Uroboros Glass Studios. They filled our 10” Round Disk Fuser with beautiful frit mixtures separated by glass “dams” created with our Large Serpentine Formers. The final piece can be displayed in a stand or slumped into a bowl or platter.

  • Soap Dishes, Using up Leftovers

    Project Sheet: Soap Dishes, Using up Leftovers

    Cast and kiln-formed elements are combined with double-thick sheet glass to produce soap dishes. This project can be completed in a small, tabletop kiln.

  • Maple Leaf Bowls

    Project Sheet: Maple Leaf Bowls

    Next time you are invited to a dinner, make a couple of these maple leaf bowls for your host or hostess. They work great for measure out spices or serving olives or chocolate.

  • Embellished Photo Frames

    Project Sheet: Embellished Photo Frames

    Create the perfect frame for that perfect photo. A relatively easy project with very nice results.

  • Lotus and Lily Pad Platter

    Project Sheet: Lotus and Lily Pad Platter

    This project combines multiple techniques: Casting, tacking, and slumping.

  • Holiday Poinsettia Plate

    Project Sheet: Holiday Poinsettia Plate

    This is a whole lot more classy than those awful, plastic cookie plates that pop up in the stores around Christmas time. Beautiful poinsettia blossoms are cast using the Colour de Verre Trillium mold and then are tacked fused to a simple plate.

  • Hot Glass Mosaics

    Project Sheet: Hot Glass Mosaics

    The latest trend is incorporating fused and cast pieces into mosaic projects. Create this beautiful tea tray using cast elements created with Colour de Verre molds.

  • Shoji Screen Lamp

    Project Sheet: Shoji Screen Lamp

    Streamer glass is accented and framed with black glass “noodles” to create a look that is reminiscent of Japanese rice paper screens. Beautiful results. Just requires two firings.

  • Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Project Sheet: Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp based on Colour de Verre’s 5” Diameter Round Hardware and Panel Former. The instructions can be easily modified to create a lamp to perfectly suit almost anybody’s taste.

  • Dogwood and Leaf Bowl

    Project Sheet: Dogwood and Leaf Bowl

    Quite a bit different from the usual glass project. Fuse and slump individual elements - in one firing - to create a beautiful bowl.

  • Floral Drawer Pulls

    Project Sheet: Floral Drawer Pulls

    The drawer pulls are an easy-to-make combination of your glass and inexpensive hardware. The can be made to match any decor.

  • Wine Stoppers

    Project Sheet: Wine Stoppers

    This project can be completed in about an hour - not including the overnight firing. Add a bottle of wine and you have a perfect gift.

  • Successful Lighting Projects

    Project Sheet: Successful Lighting Projects

    Colour de Verre’s lighting formers and hardware are a great way to show off your artwork. This document lists some tips for getting the best results.

  • Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Project Sheet: Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp using Colour de Verre’s new lighting components. The lamp makes a perfect addition to your - or a friend’s - bedroom, living room, or mantel.

  • Dichroic Frit and Shard Pendants

    Project Sheet: Dichroic Frit and Shard Pendants

    Whether you use dichroic trimmings and shards, or manufactured dichroic frit, the results of this technique are gorgeous.