Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting


  • Skulls!

    Project Sheet: Skulls!

    Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates, and candle holders. Or, let them stand alone as jewelry, objets d’art, or “worry stones”. 

  • Making Nano Drops

    Project Sheet: Making Nano Drops

    Nano Drop are an exciting companion to our Nano Bead design. The Nano Drop design lends itself to many possibilities

  • Making Teardrop and Oval Pendants

    Video: Making Teardrop and Oval Pendants

    This video illustrates a great technique using our molds and dichroic flakes to create really spectacular pieces.

  • Making Beads with Colour de Verre Molds

    Video: Making Beads with Colour de Verre Molds

    Make simple to elegant contemporary jewelry with Colour de Verre's Simple Round Beads mold. This video shows how the prepare, fill, and fire this mold and includes images of finished pieces.

  • Simple Round/Small Ring Beads

    Project Sheet: Simple Round/Small Ring Beads

    Make an enormous variety of round beads with our Simple Round Beads and Small Ring Beads molds and create jewelry that ranges from simple and understated to elegant.

  • Making Pillow Pendants

    Project Sheet: Making Pillow Pendants

    Colour de Verre's Pillow Pendants leave plenty of room for creativity and customization. Resutls can be simple and understated or elegant.

  • How to Make Nano Beads

    Project Sheet: How to Make Nano Beads

    Colour de Verre’s Nano Beads are the smallest members of the Company’s Jewelry product line. They look great paired with other elements of the Jewelry line or mixed with manufactured beads.

  • Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Project Sheet: Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Produce small, delicate, but attention grabbing pendants by combining these two designs with dichroic glass flakes. This technique can be used with any of Colour de Verre’s pendant designs.

  • Tribal/Geometric Beads

    Project Sheet: Tribal/Geometric Beads

    Our Tribal Beads are a stylized version of an ancient design. Our Geometric Beads are a very contemporary design. Both are easy-to-make and make great gifts.

  • Beads as Embellishments

    Project Sheet: Beads as Embellishments

    Our bead designs not only make exquisite jewelry, they can be used to create contemporary embellishments for plates, platters, bowls, and larger work.

  • Pillow Pendants with Dichroic Glass

    Project Sheet: Pillow Pendants with Dichroic Glass

    Create beautiful dichroic pendants and stunning beads by combining CBS Coating by Sandberg patterned sheets with Colour de Verre’s Pillow Pendant molds.

  • Glasslink Basics

    Project Sheet: Glasslink Basics

    These are the basics techniques used with our Glasslinks molds to creating glass elements. These elements can then be combined to create dramatic jewelry.

  •  Scarab and Ankh Jewelry

    Project Sheet: Scarab and Ankh Jewelry

    Even if you don’t want to make jewelry, the techniques in this project sheet can be used to make beautiful scarabs and ankhs for other purposes, for example, embellishing platters and plates.

  • Offset Pendants

    Project Sheet: Offset Pendants

    These pendants can be suspended from leather, rubber, silk, or metal cords to create jewelry ranging from simple and casual to dramatic and elegant. They are very easy to make and, because of the molds' engineering, there is almost never any coldwork envolved when MR-97 is used.

  • Millefiori and Murrini Pendants

    Project Sheet: Millefiori and Murrini Pendants

    Create beautiful, old-world or hip, modern designs by combining millefiori, murrini, and Colour de Verre pendant molds. 

  • Dichroic Frit and Shard Pendants

    Project Sheet: Dichroic Frit and Shard Pendants

    Whether you use dichroic trimmings and shards, or manufactured dichroic frit, the results of this technique are gorgeous.