Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting

Embellished Works

  • Wings and Cherub

    Project Sheet: Wings and Cherub

    Create classic, Italianate-inspired compositions with our Wings design and our Cherub design.

  • Snowflakes

    Project Sheet: Snowflakes

    Our Snowflakes ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16 and ’17 molds produce light and delicate snowflakes that celebrate the austere beauty of winter. They can be hung most anywhere and make the perfect “little gift” for friends and coworkers. If you want, you can tack fuse them to holiday plates and platters.

  • Skulls!

    Project Sheet: Skulls!

    Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates, and candle holders. Or, let them stand alone as jewelry, objets d’art, or “worry stones”. 

  • Flaming Hearts

    Project Sheet: Flaming Hearts

    Our Flaming Hearts stand alone as objet d'art or can be used to embellish all sorts of larger projects

  • Peach Blossom Box

    Project Sheet: Peach Blossom Box

    Peach blossoms, branches, and leaf castings are tack fused to the lid of an elliptical box creating a look reminiscent 1920’s European glass. Very pale, translucent colors were chosen as not to distract from the classic design.

  • Beads as Embellishments

    Project Sheet: Beads as Embellishments

    Our bead designs not only make exquisite jewelry, they can be used to create contemporary embellishments for plates, platters, bowls, and larger work.

  • Autumn Leaf Platter

    Project Sheet: Autumn Leaf Platter

    A simple form is embellished with maple and alder leaves in autumn shades of red, orange, and yellow. Makes use of the Colour de Verre Maple Leaf and Leaves (3) molds. No slumping mold is necessary.

  • Oak Leaves and Acorn Plate

    Project Sheet: Oak Leaves and Acorn Plate

    Oak leaves and acorns – the symbols of harvest bounty and the approach of winter – are perfect decorations for the harvest table.

  • Serpentine Basics

    Project Sheet: Serpentine Basics

    Add “wavy” rods, stringers, noodles, and ribbons to your design “vocabulary” with Colour de Verre’s Serpentine Formers.

  • Elliptical Acorn Box

    Project Sheet: Elliptical Acorn Box

    This oval box is cast in the palest amber and trimmed with smaller castings in the same shade. It is reminiscent of rustic Orna Wood boxes sold at national park gift stores in the 50’s.

  • Four Sweet Heart Boxes

    Project Sheet: Four Sweet Heart Boxes

    Flowers fade and chocolate is too tempting. However, these heart boxes will be a lasting token of love or friendship.

  • Poppy Plate

    Project Sheet: Poppy Plate

    Rich, red poppies embellish this elegant service plate. The plate itself is made from an understated collage glass that adds complexity and interest to the overall piece.

  • Autumn Candle Holder

    Project Sheet: Autumn Candle Holder

    Two of these acorn and oak leave embellished candle holders on the mantle or three running down a dining table is a great way to welcome autumn.

  • Cast Shell Box using ZYP

    Project Sheet: Cast Shell Box using ZYP

    This project sheet illustrates how to use ZYP Boron Nitride primer (Formerly MR-97) in conjunction with Color de Verre’s box molds. The ZYP speeds mold priming and clean-up, but a few guidelines should be observed to get optimal results.

  • Ginkgo Leaf Platter

    Project Sheet: Ginkgo Leaf Platter

    This low, shallow bowl features our Ginkgo Leaf design. It is a great accent for a dining room table. Learn how to make this in the “Variations” section of this project sheet.

  • Sea life Inspired Platter

    Project Sheet: Sea life Inspired Platter

    Use our beach shells, sea horse, and starfish molds to create this great sea life inspired bowl. Even if you don't live at the beach, this bowl looks great in any living or dining room. Match your color choices to your tastes and decor.

  • Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    Project Sheet: Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    This makes a superb centerpiece for a holiday table or festive, winter mantle accent.

  • Salamander Platter

    Project Sheet: Salamander Platter

    This platter’s amazing surface is created by “flattening” a piece of iridized, herringbone ripple sheet glass. During this process, the beautiful irid colors are preserved but the surface becomes matte.

  • Tropical Fish, Sea Horses, Shells

    Project Sheet: Tropical Fish, Sea Horses, Shells

    Complete instructions for casting beautiful elements using our Tropical Fish mold and Sea Horse and Starfish mold. A cooler than usual firing schedule results in delicate, finely-detailed imagery.

  • Soap Dishes, Using up Leftovers

    Project Sheet: Soap Dishes, Using up Leftovers

    Cast and kiln-formed elements are combined with double-thick sheet glass to produce soap dishes. This project can be completed in a small, tabletop kiln.

  • Embellished Photo Frames

    Project Sheet: Embellished Photo Frames

    Create the perfect frame for that perfect photo. A relatively easy project with very nice results.

  • Lotus and Lily Pad Platter

    Project Sheet: Lotus and Lily Pad Platter

    This project combines multiple techniques: Casting, tacking, and slumping.

  • Holiday Poinsettia Plate

    Project Sheet: Holiday Poinsettia Plate

    This is a whole lot more classy than those awful, plastic cookie plates that pop up in the stores around Christmas time. Beautiful poinsettia blossoms are cast using the Colour de Verre Trillium mold and then are tacked fused to a simple plate.

  • Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Project Sheet: Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp using Colour de Verre’s new lighting components. The lamp makes a perfect addition to your - or a friend’s - bedroom, living room, or mantel.

  • Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Project Sheet: Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp based on Colour de Verre’s 5” Diameter Round Hardware and Panel Former. The instructions can be easily modified to create a lamp to perfectly suit almost anybody’s taste.