Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting

Featured Projects

  • Wafer-Thin Firing

    Video: Wafer-Thin Firing

    Use this technique to create increadable realist and delicate castings for display.

  • Wafer-Thin Firing

    Project Sheet: Wafer-Thin Firing

    Create extremely thin and delicate art pieces by casting powdered glass at extremely low temperatures.

  • The Feather

    Project Sheet: The Feather

    Create feathers that are as fanciful or realistic as you like with Colour de Verre’s Feather design. Once feathers are cast, they can be slumped into amazing decorative or functional pieces.

  • Vintage Ornaments

    Project Sheet: Vintage Ornaments

    Create your own keepsakes with our Vintage Ornaments design. They also make perfect holiday gifts.

  • Slab Server

    Project Sheet: Slab Server

    The Slab Server design is a perfect format in which to experiment with billets, reactive glass, kiln carving, and powder printing. The integrated feet makes for elegant results.

  • The Cloud Forest Magnolia

    Project Sheet: The Cloud Forest Magnolia

    Create striking functional pieces with this design or cast them wafer-thin to create spectacular art pieces.

  • Wings and Cherub

    Project Sheet: Wings and Cherub

    Create classic, Italianate-inspired compositions with our Wings design and our Cherub design.

  • Open Hands

    Project Sheet: Open Hands

    Create these classic pieces, perfect for holding keepsakes, with only two firings. A great project for beginners or for craft fairs.

  • Buddha Faces

    Project Sheet: Buddha Faces

    Our Buddha Faces are serene and contemplated images that seem to radiate calm. They are easy to make and our mold makes them two at a time.

  • Skulls!

    Project Sheet: Skulls!

    Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates, and candle holders. Or, let them stand alone as jewelry, objets d’art, or “worry stones”. 

  • Large Round Box

    Project Sheet: Large Round Box

    The Large Round Box design has quite a bit more room inside for treasures and trickets. Special instructions on how to use sheet glass included.

  • Sea Horse & Shell Dish

    Project Sheet: Sea Horse & Shell Dish

    Brilliant results in just one firing. Perfect on the vanity for soap, or on the dresser for change, rings, or jewelry.

  • Snowflakes

    Project Sheet: Snowflakes

    Our Snowflakes ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16 and ’17 molds produce light and delicate snowflakes that celebrate the austere beauty of winter. They can be hung most anywhere and make the perfect “little gift” for friends and coworkers. If you want, you can tack fuse them to holiday plates and platters.

  • Holiday Stars

    Project Sheet: Holiday Stars

    Perfect way to brighten winter days. They also make perfect gifts.

  • Big Skull

    Project Sheet: Big Skull

    Produce either edgy or classic pieces with our Big Skull design. It is a great way to learn about using glass billets.

  • Making Colour de Verre Snowflakes

    Video: Making Colour de Verre Snowflakes

    Learn how to make Colour de Verre Snowflakes. Snowflakes are an easy project and only require one firing.

  • Cabbage Leaf

    Project Sheet: Cabbage Leaf

    Craft whimsical plates reminiscent of antique majolica ware with this wonderful design or, if you are ambitious, create impressive platters, bowls, or wall art.

  • Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Project Sheet: Oval and Teardrop Pendants

    Produce small, delicate, but attention grabbing pendants by combining these two designs with dichroic glass flakes. This technique can be used with any of Colour de Verre’s pendant designs.

  • Buddha Faces With Dichroic

    Video: Buddha Faces With Dichroic

    Learn how to cast our Buddha Faces and then back the casting with dichroic sheet glass to product faces that almost glow.

  • Making Teardrop and Oval Pendants

    Video: Making Teardrop and Oval Pendants

    This video illustrates a great technique using our molds and dichroic flakes to create really spectacular pieces.

  • Making a Cabbage Leaf

    Video: Making a Cabbage Leaf

    See how to make a realistic Cabbage Leaf - step by step.