Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting


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Teardrop Pendants

Oval Pendants

Oval and Teardrop Pendants Comparison

Offset Rounds with Millefiori

Teardrop Pendants with Millefiori

Offset Square Pendants with Millefiori

Oval Pendants with Millefiori

Pillow Pendants with Millefiori

Amber and Blue Nano Necklace

Tortoise and White Beads

Tribal Beads

Green and Blue Small Ring Beads

Beads as Embellishments

Geometric Bead Necklace

Blue and Aqua Necklace

Dichroic Simple Round Pendant

Simple Rounds with Dual-Tone Frit

Green and Lavender Necklace

Jade Simple Round Beads

Life Saver Rings

Nano Bead Bracelets

Single Nano Bracelet

Opaline Necklace

Purple Pillow Pendant

Blue Pillow Pendant

Pillow Pendants, Group 1

Pillow Pendants, Group 2

Millefiori Pillow Pendant

Red and Black Nano Necklace

Scarab Pins

Scarab Jewelry

Dichroic Simple Round Pendant

Three Round Offset Pendants

Wonky Rings

Three Offset Square Pendants

Offset Pendants Group Shot

Round Offset w/ Decals

Square Offset w/ Decals

Gold Pillow Pendant