Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting


  • Creating Round Votives

    Video: Creating Round Votives

    Watch this video in which two different Round Votives are created. Make sure to download the Round Votive project sheet, too.

  • Round Votive

    Project Sheet: Round Votive

    These molds fit into small, tabletop kilns.  The wonderful results and easy-to-follow instructions make this mold perfect for both beginners and experience artists.

  • Oval Votive

    Project Sheet: Oval Votive

    Oval Votives are easy to make and perfect for gifts. The Oval Votive’s larger surface provides the artist with ample room to compose their own design.

  • Gem Top Tea Lights

    Project Sheet: Gem Top Tea Lights

    Medium mesh frit is "sugar fired" to the tops of our 3" Square Candle Holders. It is a simple technique with impressive results.

  • Candle Holder Basics

    Project Sheet: Candle Holder Basics

    Colour de Verre’s cast candle holders are easy to make and – plain or fancy – are always a welcome gift.

  • Autumn Candle Holder

    Project Sheet: Autumn Candle Holder

    Two of these acorn and oak leave embellished candle holders on the mantle or three running down a dining table is a great way to welcome autumn.

  • Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    Project Sheet: Pine Cone Candle Chimney

    This makes a superb centerpiece for a holiday table or festive, winter mantle accent.

  • Aralia Leaf Lamp

    Project Sheet: Aralia Leaf Lamp

    The warm light this lamp emits is a welcome addition to almost any living space.

  • Successful Lighting Projects

    Project Sheet: Successful Lighting Projects

    Colour de Verre’s lighting formers and hardware are a great way to show off your artwork. This document lists some tips for getting the best results.

  • Shoji Screen Lamp

    Project Sheet: Shoji Screen Lamp

    Streamer glass is accented and framed with black glass “noodles” to create a look that is reminiscent of Japanese rice paper screens. Beautiful results. Just requires two firings.

  • Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Project Sheet: Oval Dragonfly Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp using Colour de Verre’s new lighting components. The lamp makes a perfect addition to your - or a friend’s - bedroom, living room, or mantel.

  • Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Project Sheet: Round Spring Leaf Lamp

    Create a beautiful accent lamp based on Colour de Verre’s 5” Diameter Round Hardware and Panel Former. The instructions can be easily modified to create a lamp to perfectly suit almost anybody’s taste.