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Reusable molds for glass casting

ZYP/MR-97 (13oz)

ZYP/MR-97 (13oz)

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ZYP BN Lubricoat (formerly called MR-97) is an alternative to Hotline Primo Primer. It is very easy to apply and produces castings with beautiful, spur-free surfaces and edges. This 13 ounce can will prime about 50 molds for firing with our low temperature, thin casting techiques. Hotline Primo Primer is still the only traditional primer we recommend. It is much less expensive than ZYP BN Lubricoat, but takes more care and time to apply and remove. This is a 13 oz can. 

This product contains a flammable propellant. Colour de Verre does not have the proper shipping credentials to ship this product outside the continental United States. For persons in Hawaii, Alaska, and outside the United States, check with your glass supplier or ZYP's manufacturer. Limit of two per customer.