Colour deVerre

Reusable molds for glass casting


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Oval Votive w/ Icicles

Oval Votive w/ Ginkgo

Round Votives w/ Frit Balls

Snowflake '13 Round Votive

Round Votive w/ Murrine

Nano Bead Round Votive

Flaming Heart Votive

Acorn Tea Light

Aralia Leaf Lamp

Blossoms and Leaves Candle Holder

Blue Candle Holder with Frit Balls

Three Candle Holders

Cherry Blossom Lamp

Curved Candle Holders

Curved Candle Holders, Group 2

Modern Lamp

Dragonfly Lamp

Tropical Fish Candle Holder

Gem Top Tea Lights

Four Gem Top Tea Lights

Spring Leaf Lamp

Ikebana Vase

Kiwi Leaf Lamp

Pine Cone Chimney

Pine Cone Lamp

Polka Dot Lamp

Landscape Oval Lamp

Beach Shell Candle Holder

White Candle Holder with Dichroic

Shoji Screen Lamp